Why choose GSFM?

Stop wasting your time on zero-revenue generating tasks. With GSFMs web application software and its auto-generated reports, tracking and monitoring your field staff, their daily work details and attendance have become smooth and easy.

Customer Management

Now invest your valuable time in productivity because GSFM, one of the best sales management software, will effortlessly control and manage other vital segments of your business. This custom management software efficiently administers all required things from customer management to customer information, communication optimization, or even a computerized database for future communication.

Task Management

The admin dashboard now can easily access the daily work plan and details of their employees. This incredible task management feature of this sales automation software allows you to manage and plan both self-work and group work. You can also collaborate with your team and track their work details effortlessly.

Report Generation

This dynamic report generation feature leaves no loopholes in your business. Now business owners can easily pinpoint the vital business areas with their outstanding analytical skills. The GSFM generated reports also pay heed to expenses and attendants of employees, route deviation, and meetings and their perfect executions.

Product Management

This professional web application software simplifies your business and helps you brilliantly manage your products by allocating appropriate resources. Now you can easily understand where your products exactly stand in the market and drive more impact with impeccable data-driven insights.

Attendance Management

This amazing platform also comes with an attendance management automation solution, one of the top-notch features. This tool is the one-stop solution for everything from different shift management to extensive overtime management or even Geo Mark attendance. This is also the best way to avoid human error smoothly.

Target Management

Since you can easily access everything on this one platform, GSFM also allows you to evaluate the efforts produced by your salesforce. Calculate their performances and pay heed to their time to time achievements against your given target. You can also augment your business productivity by defining your targets and analyzing the accurate data to make all the necessary corrections to achieve your goals.

Get introduced to a
multi-capability software

If you compare GSFM with other conventional scheduling software, GSFM has much more to offer. This multi-capability cloud-based salesforce automation software has multiple powerful features to boost your accuracy in task management, tracking and monitoring field staff, their work details, auto-generated reports, and daily attendance. So company leaders who want to focus their operation and hunt for the best software solutions that incorporate easy customizations according to their unique requirements and handle a large number of employees and their exclusive targets without increasing the software licensing costs should go for GSFM now!

Grab and hold the top business position by making your team efficient

Now you can track how your team is performing on your given target in a few clicks. From timesheets to time tracking, team resourcing, workflows, everything will be brilliantly managed by this one platform. As a result, you will always stay on top of your game. This brilliant salesforce marketing automation software also keeps you updated on your upcoming deadlines and new tasks. Therefore, if you are a multitasker and manage multiple projects simultaneously, you can quickly summarize them in one place. In short, with GSFM, you can manage your tasks, create your action list and maintain a complete database of your existing clients, their orders, and pricing history.

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Enjoy Premium Modules provided by GSFM

GSFM does more than just tracking your remote teams. This cloud-based application comes with inbuilt premium modules that turn it into ready-to-deploy software for field leaders.




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So many different products which makes it a great fit for everyone because everyone wants to use it for different purposes in different ways.
Andy Sant


Looks very promising so far! We have been searching for a tool like this one. We're looking forward to learning more about it.
Dan Kaul


Amazing. I've been on the look out for lots of companies to do what they do, and I've never found any company who are so quick to get in touch and implement new ideas and features. Very impressed.
Saru Matt


A great product and excellent interface. Amazing customer service. Great people. Really passionate in their work. Great product and an amazing support team. Keep up the good work!
Yommi Pat


Useful for business to reach more customers. Nice Service, Nice staff. The business man. They come up with programs that really works while solving and addressing issues. Great company!
Shreyn S


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Why GSFM Recommends Software

Why is GSFM recognized as the best salesforce automation software tool?


Get introduced to the second brain of your business Autoresponder one of the best salesforce marketing automation tools that send the right message to the right audiences at the right time.

Transactional Email

GSFM makes it easy to send transactional emails to your potential clients with just a few clicks. No extra cost needs to be paid for this amazing service.

Live Expert Solutions

Live Expert Solution is an incredible feature that allows you and your customers to connect with virtual experts immediately for problem solutions and query resolution.

Faster Email List

Are you looking for a perfect tool that can build your email list fast and effectively? Your search ends here.

Easy Importing

Easy important is a top-notch feature that simplifies the whole import process and allows you to fetch and import your desired data.

Seamless Integrations

Forget complications and discernible errors. The seamless integration process of GSFM stops your potential customers from getting redirected to your rivals.Pick your desired plan depending on your needs

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GSFM web application software to track and monitor your field staff along with their daily task details, attendance, and auto generated reports.

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