Best Attendance Management Software in 2021

Attendance management software is a tool that enhances productivity by keeping track of employee working hours and job attendance. GSFM the time tracking and gives a beautiful interface for employees to monitor their time, so your managers do not have to do the micro-management!

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Simplify Attendance Tracking with Our Online Attendance System

  • Positive work environment:

    Timely attendance updates and error free payroll leads to happier workforce.
  • Intelligent reports:

    Export and import information rich reports to avoid errors or disputes.
  • Automated attendance updates:

    Sit back and enjoy the auto-calculation of worked and OT (overtime) hours.
  • Work-shifts no more a burden:

    It helps you modify shift details easily with notifications for employees.

    • Centralized Time-Attendance Management of Multiple Locations
    • Time-Attendance System for Real-time Monitoring
    • User-wise Attendance Marking and Processing
    • Manage Multiple Shifts and Overnight Shift Effectively
    • Instant Notifications on Exceptions
    • Live Attendance Tracking for Immediate Correction
    • Schedule Reports for Convenience
    • Generate Customized Reports for Next Action
    • Accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll

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Attendance Management Systems Are Game-changers

Adopting digital attendance management systems can change how you manage your workforce. The features and functionalities built into these platforms are integral to your employees’ everyday workflow, and digital systems prevent errors that can lead to month-end hassles and compliance challenges. 

We recommend that you do your research and begin by taking a free trial, better understanding your unique requirements, and arriving at the perfect solution for you.

You can also try out free attendance management systems available such as GSFM that offer a lot of the features mentioned above at zero investment.

With the smart application of cutting digital assets, your attendance management system could be a boon – both for your company and for your employee – turning a once complex process into an easy-to-monitor and straightforward activity. 

A smart attendance management system will help you track employee hours, ensuring there are no policy or regulatory violations. It also goes a long way in simplifying payroll. We look at ten key attendance management system features, including: 

  • Must-haves: clocking in/out, leave management, payroll, and reporting
  • Nice-to-haves: biometrics, missed alerts, and calendars
  • Differentiators: mobile and cloud support, self-service, and analytics

FAQs on Employee Time and Attendance

  • What is Attendance management software?

The attendance management system is a one-stop solution to keep track of the employees’ attendance and movement during their working hours and prepare the materials for processing wages.

This software assists in tracking and monitoring when employees start and stop work. This system allows you to oversee your employees working hours, late arrivals, early departures, break time, and absenteeism.

This system allows you to diminish the number of errors occurring while processing the attendance data. It enables you to make better and efficient use of the employees’ working hours.

  • Can I do a trial run to see if it fits my business needs?

The modern-day attendance software is compatible with any business organization. You can configure them to match the needs of your organization. Their flexibility allows your organization to have a smooth transition from the manual process to the automated one.

However, if you want to be 100% secure about how the software fits your business needs, GSFM live provides you a 7-day trial run to experience its compatibility with your organization.

  • Alert and notifications?

Depending on the service provider of the attendance management system, the alert options vary. With the GSFM Live solution, you can receive notifications for the alerts on your mobile application. The email notifications for the alerts are not a default setting. However, you can enable them from the settings.